Purchasing property in the fall


From back to school, to the start of a new semester or simply back to work after summer vacation, autumn is a great time for change and new beginnings. Cooler temperatures and an ever-changing backdrop of fall colours help play into the mindset of change. For home buyers and sellers, fall is a season to get excited about and with it comes many potential pros in the real estate market.

If you're in the market to buy, chances are properties still on the market belong to owners who are serious about selling. And motivated sellers can mean room to negotiate on the price. Winter can bring a lull in the market's momentum as most people get caught-up with holidays and are less inclined to venture out and house hunt or simply aren't interested in up-rooting their family during the school year.

Fall is considered by most to be the second best season to sell a home. Vacation goers who were away during the summer can capitalize on the decreased competition in the housing market during the fall months. This can also mean more time to shop around and properly negotiate a price and longer-term closing date on the property.