Luxury real estate

Luxury Property

The time has come and you're ready to purchase your next property. You're knowledgeable about potential red flags (you've got a trusted home inspector on speed dial), you know which locations are desirable and most importantly, you've got the capital to spend on what you want.

So what should you focus on when property shopping?

First, stay away from novelty features that can quickly become fads. Remember faux wood paneling, linoleum flooring and laminate countertops of the 70s? How about sunken living rooms, snail showers and microwave built-ins of the 80s? Or pine cabinetry and pink or forest green carpeting of the '90s? Sure there are style trends that periodically seem to make a come-back but for the most part, these kitschy fads are better left forgotten.

Skip the current trends of Zen gardens, themed rooms and pre-wired surround sound systems. Stay away from technology that will quickly become obsolete and may need to be replaced.

Instead, focus on timeless features like high ceilings, open-concept layouts and picturesque views. Look for properties with ample natural light, classic architecture and grand entry ways. Stick with post and beam or coffered ceilings, over-sized spa showers and professional kitchens with commercial-grade appliances. Find harmony and balance in homes that combine environmental systems and modern materials into the architecture of the property and take advantage of light and shade.

Opt for features that never go out of style and look for homes that have ample storage space or room to expand. Safe, secure and located in a great neighbourhood are also desirable features for any property.

Similar to luxury brands that have stood the test of time, stick with clean lines, functionality and classic beauty for a solid investment.