Winter wonderland

Luxury Home in Winter

Harsh winds, frigid temperatures and epic snowfalls make up a typical winter for most Canadians. For those of us who aren't active in winter sports or aren't escaping winter all together in the sunny south, these long winter months can seem like the perfect time to hibernate and put off any major plans until a warmer season.

When it comes to real estate sales, spring is typically known as the best time to list a home... but are there advantages to listing during the winter months? The answer is "yes." Here's a list of 5 reasons why listing during the winter might prove to be even more beneficial.

1) During the early winter months, the market notoriously has fewer listings. Serious buyers actively searching for a property during this time will have fewer homes to chose from. If your property is listed for sale, that can equate to less market competition and potentially more money for you.

2) People who shop for a home during these months tend to be more serious buyers.

3) Some properties might potentially show better during the winter. Snow covered front yards and back yards, can mask any imperfections or landscaping inadequacies and potentially create a more favourable first impression.

4) You can sell sooner for more money. Options for a delayed closing or extended occupancy can be arranged if moving during winter is impractical.

5) January is traditionally the month for employees to begin new jobs. Transfers can't wait until spring to buy, so having your property already on the market opens the door to a greater number of potential buyers.