The benefits of an older home

The benefits of an older home

Many of us dream of owning a brand new home. Whether it's the appeal of starting from scratch or the lure of the most modern design choices, the temptation of purchasing a new home can be very alluring. While there are certainly many advantages to purchasing new, there are also ample benefits to purchasing an existing or older home.

For starters, selecting an older home can mean acquiring a move-in-ready property. Purchasing a home in an established community also means bypassing the ongoing construction mess in and around the neighbourhood of a new development. No noisy trucks, incessant hammering, dirty roads or endless stream of workers. An established neighbourhood means mature trees and landscaping, privacy and regular traffic.

Let's not forget the land itself. As the cost of land increases over the years, many newer builds offer much less footage than what was previously considered a standard. Older properties were typically built on larger plots of land with ample room for children and pets to play in the backyard while easily accommodating extras like a pool, toolshed or deck.

Older neighbourhoods also tend to be in the best locations around the city, often easily accessible to shops and restaurants and can mean a shorter commute to the office.

If the maintenance of an older home has you worried about potential costs down the road, consider a property that's been regularly maintained or recently renovated. In some cases, an older home may be a very reliable choice, having weathered many storms and withstood the test of time.

Skip feuding with your neighbour over property lines and fence costs, and enjoy the already cemented perimeters around your property. Didn't factor in the additional costs of blinds or curtains for each window or light fixtures for each room in your dream model house? Not to worry! With an existing build, these extras can be factored into the total cost.

If a cookie-cutter neighbourhood is a turn-off, the traditional craftsmanship and unique features of an older home are charms otherwise unattainable in a new build. History gives a home its character and there is no shortage of gems on the market to discover. 

With an established neighbourhood, you can avoid the wait and enjoy the home of your dreams as soon as you move in.